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Finding the perfect Health Insurance shouldn't cost you your first-born

California Off Exchange Health Insurance Options 

We will help you find an affordable solution without state or federal subsidies

Many  hard working , successful Californian’s are being penalized for working hard and trying to provide for their family.  If you find yourself earning enough income that Covered California say you don’t qualify for financial assistance you’ve come to the right place.  Don’t be fooled,  there is absolutely no reason for you to purchase your Health Insurance coverage through Covered CA if you are not going to receive subsidy in the form of an advanced tax credit.  In fact you may miss out on plans that are offered carrier direct that may fit your needs better.

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Blue Shield of California Health insurance Quote

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Benefits of having a personal broker

It costs you nothing to work with us

It saves you headaches and frustration

It saves you time

Health Net Insurance Quote from an Authorized Agent

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Not having Health Insurance means

Less likely to get regular check ups

Medical expenses are 100% your responsibility

Unexpected financial setbacks

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Ways we help after you are covered

We annually shop your coverage to maximize your benefits and reduce your costs.   We can be an advocate should you have a problems with a carrier.  We can help you get the most out of your coverage

Wide Range of Deductibles * High Deductible Plans * HSA Plans * Deductible Waved Office Visit Plans * ACA Compliant Plans * Accident Plans * Major Medical

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